How to Be Set Free

Hello my beautiful friends!

Since confessing that I believed Jesus is my Lord and Savior, my view of life has not been the same, and what I mean by that is that since I chose to live lead by Him i’ve learned to and continue to learn to leave my old ways behind and practice better habits. By no means will I tell you that my life is perfect and free of worries because i’d be lying to you and it’s safe to say that no Christian is perfect or has it all together and life figured out. The Christian life is a choice to live for God and to allow the creator use us for His purpose.

Allow me to give you an example of how I envision it.

“Keto Extract,” a new product found on Shark Tank the TV show, are proven to be the “wold’s most trusted Keto Extract to lose weight faster, safer cheaper than ever before.” (FYI i’m not promoting them just bear with me ;)) 

Let’s say you order these pills for yourself and you’re unsure how to use them in order to achieve the best results. Of course you can ask for advice from someone that has tried them before, but ultimately you would like to rather ask the creator of this product whom knows exactly what it’s for and how to use it to insure it’s best potential. Are you following me?

God created YOU. He is your inventor and created you for His purpose. He knows what you’re capable of, He knows your talents, your desires, and even your fears and weaknesses. (Read Psalm 139:13-18)

Of course we can ask and receive great advice from our Christian brothers and sisters whom are also walking with God, but God must always have the first and final word. He created you and I.

How does anyone approach God?


Prayer is simply like talking to someone in the car. In the same way you can also speak to God. Share and confess with Him your struggles with relationships, food, career, porn addictions or whatever it is that you may be struggling with.


Confess to Him that you realize you are struggling with something and that you need His help to turn away from whatever sin. He will help you through it. You don’t have to do it alone.


Truly decide in your heart that you don’t want to live in the same way. Choose to make better choices and ask Him to give you new desires.


For a long time I remember being a slave to the fear of being alone.I always had to be in a romantic relationship in order to “feel” complete. It wasn’t until I surrendered to God and confessed that I was struggling with this that He showed me I’d be complete with Him alone. I had to repent and surrender my last relationship back in February 2018 in order to allow Him to teach me how to live single and fully fulfilled by Him alone. I’ve had options to date and to be in relationships, but somehow along the way i’ve learned to love myself first enough to know what God would want for me in a husband. He’s taught me and continues to teach me how to be a wife to Him first.

“He is before all things, and by Him all things hold together.” ~Colossians 1:17

God created You and Me. He has the manual for our lives. Ask Him how He wants you to use the gifts and talents He’s freely given you.

Trust God and Do Good… 🙂


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