Are you tired of waiting?

Are you tired of waiting?

Are you tired of always waiting? 

Somehow, I’ve come to realize that life is always about waiting for something, and in some cases, waiting for someone as well.

When we’re young, we can’t wait to be old enough to go out and explore on our own. We want to fast forward life so we can move out of our parents homes and be adults. We work hard to get that dream job, or dream car. We daydream on getting married and having a happy family.

Recently, I was speaking to a few of my closest friends, and I realized that they felt the same way. We laughed about the fact that if all of the things we have daydreamed about had become true, we’d been married already almost twenty times!

Truth is, I still constantly daydream on having my future wedding. Because I have a clear picture of what I’d like my future husband to look like and what qualities I would want him to have, it’s so easy for me to put labels on men I hardly know. Do you do this, too? It’s not harmful to fantasize or have a crush on someone at all, but what I recently found out, is that it’s not okay to label someone without even first seeing them as a friend first, ouch! 

Yup, I felt convicted…

But thankfully, God is merciful. Through my constant study and prayer, God has been teaching me to fall in-love with Him more and more as I spend time with Him. Through this, I’ve learned that relationship with God has to be consistent and NEVER ending. In fact, isn’t that why people “fall out of love?”  For example, when you stop spending time with your spouse and doing the things you enjoyed doing as a couple, the relationship becomes stale. The same goes for us when we don’t spend time with God. He longs for us to love Him and seek Him for everything and anything. And when we hurt, He also hurts with us as we wait for whatever it is we are always waiting for.

So, how do we intend to live our lives in waiting seasons?

Don’t waste time waiting. Allow the time of waiting make you better. Let the waiting time make you stronger, more faithful, more dependent on the God you believe know what’s best for You. It’s not easy, thats for sure. But as we wait with God alone, we realize that no object or position, nor human being after all, could fill the God-sized longing that He planted inside of every one of us. Nothing will ever be enough because He is enough…

Trust God, and Do Good 🙂

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