Why do we complicate ourselves? 

“You, can not conquer what YOU can’t confront.”

                                       TD Jakes 

Isn’t it so crazy how much we tend to stress ourselves out for no reason at times? We drown in a glass of water when maybe there’s people that have it worse than us and they still seem to handle their situation better than one self. The storm hasn’t even hit yet and we’re already worried about how we’ll survive.

I too, have moments of anxiety at times where I tend to overthink. I find myself unable to focus on one thing because I have so much going on all at once. Being a perfectionist with so many ideas and goals to accomplish can get overwhelming. I don’t think it’s a bad thing at all, but sometimes it’s ok to realize that we need to prioritize what matters most.

To conquer, means to overcome and take control of… 

  • What stops you from pursuing your dream?
  • How can you better your physical and mental health?
  • What’s the first step you’ll take to actually put it in action? 

One thing that I have found has worked for me is to accept my flaws. Then, take action to actually become what you want to be. It’s not easy to do, but it’s worth it!

Life is about continuously learning and improving yourself. Yes, we all go through rough times, but if you learn to take that negative experience and turn it into a positive you’ll be amazed at how much knowledge and strength you’ve gained. You’ll find yourself saying how blessed you are to have come so far.

When you find yourself going through a rough situation just stop and say “that too, shall pass.” Emotions aren’t permanent. They are like roller coasters going up and down and all around. Without them we’d feel numb!

Disclaimer: Inspired by life situations and lessons learned/to be learned. Follow your heart and conquer whatever it is that’s holding you back from an awesome life. Pray for it to be confronted and to have the patience to not give up. Flow con Yoliz! 


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