“Don’t forget- no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.”

-Charles de Lint

Step out in Faith, Even When Things are Uncertain

Isn’t it funny how easily we can say we trust God when things feel almost promising and seem smooth? It’s like we know we have everything under control and if something were to go wrong, we’d simply take on our plan B if we had to. But what about the times when a certain situation […]

Whom is a Perfect Christian?

For a while now I’ve been on this constant seeking and searching for truth. What is the “right” way to worship as a Christian. There’s so many Christian denominations and voices in this world that say, “this is the right way” or “this is the only way” and most people seem to feel that theirs […]

Existe el amor incondicional

Es muy fácil caer en la tentación de creer que seremos castigados por Dios por nuestras acciones. Pero cuando creemos esto, entonces no hemos conocido de su amor infinito y profundo por nosotros. Para mí, esto ha sido algo que he tenido que aprender y recordar una y otra ves en mi vida. Cada situación […]

Change is often hard yet inevitable

I don’t know about you, but fall season is my all time favorite season of the year. I simply love the sound of the dried up leaves on the ground as I stroll through the forest. I am always in awe of the beautiful transition of the colors of the leaves that go from green […]

It’s okay to sometimes feel lonely even when your life is full

Saturday night I was in such a high celebrating my ten year barber anniversary. Most of my closest friends and I got together at a restaurant/lounge and we talked, laughed, danced, and simply enjoyed the night away. I felt so loved and appreciated and so happy that everyone had an amazing time. On the next […]

God is More Interested in Your Heart than Your Finances…

Tax season, yay! Said no business owner like myself. I don’t know about you, but I personally have never been excited about doing my taxes ever since being self-employed. I swear I feel so blessed not to have to use math in my career as a barber, but when it comes to tax season, numbers […]


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