“Don’t forget- no one else sees the world the way you do, so no one else can tell the stories that you have to tell.”

-Charles de Lint

God is More Interested in Your Heart than Your Finances…

Tax season, yay! Said no business owner like myself. I don’t know about you, but I personally have never been excited about doing my taxes ever since being self-employed. I swear I feel so blessed not to have to use math in my career as a barber, but when it comes to tax season, numbers […]

Rejection from Your Past Does Not Define You

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Like what you have to say doesn’t matter? Or, how you look is connected to how you deserve to be loved and admired? I’ve believed all of these lies and at times continue to fall into this negative mindset. I connect my worthiness to my looks, […]

3 Steps to Minimize Falling Back into Old Unhealthy Habits

“Just one more bite.” I recite in my mind as I savor the last buttery piece of donut and lick the sweet glaze from my thumb. The last bite somehow always satisfies my sweet tooth making me want more, yet my conscience reminds me once again, “why do I keep doing this to my body?” […]

Where do we Find Fulfillment in a Loud World?

“Just one more cookie, no one will even notice. I can do this again and I’ll feel a lot better after it’s over.” This is what would go through my mind as I worked as a server on the second floor of a senior home during my high school years. I’d neatly package the cereals, […]

3 Essential Steps to Thrive in 2021

Research shows that the top five reasons married couples end in divorce are; finances, infidelity, constant arguing, lack of intimacy and substance abuse. This honestly doesn’t surprise me one bit. I personally have lived through this as well and fell into every single one of these categories that ended my marriage back in 2014. As […]

Setting an Intention for 2021

In January of 2020, I remember my pastor titled the first sermon “2020 Vision,” because the year 2020 was going to be the year when everything became clearer. For most people, including my clients, recently have shared their true feelings with an “Ugh, 2020 what a year,” with a voice of dread and a hopeful […]

Understanding Salvation

This might sound strange to you, but what if I told you that I’ve somehow compared Covid_19 to Salvation? Of course, nothing compares to Eternity with God, but what I mean is how both of these things can be viewed at times. Let me explain… I, like some people, didn’t believe in this new virus. […]


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