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God is More Interested in Your Heart than Your Finances…

Tax season, yay! Said no business owner like myself. I don’t know about you, but I personally have never been excited about doing my taxes ever since being self-employed. I swear I feel so blessed not to have to use math in my career as a barber, but when it comes to tax season, numbers […]

Rejection from Your Past Does Not Define You

Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough? Like what you have to say doesn’t matter? Or, how you look is connected to how you deserve to be loved and admired? I’ve believed all of these lies and at times continue to fall into this negative mindset. I connect my worthiness to my looks, […]

3 Steps to Minimize Falling Back into Old Unhealthy Habits

“Just one more bite.” I recite in my mind as I savor the last buttery piece of donut and lick the sweet glaze from my thumb. The last bite somehow always satisfies my sweet tooth making me want more, yet my conscience reminds me once again, “why do I keep doing this to my body?” […]