Inspiration comes from being authentic

It wasn’t until my late twenties and turning thirty this past January that I finally felt I had been fully authentic to who I am. Not that I wasn’t happy throughout my past years, but I felt like I was always trying to fit in or live up to other peoples expectations of me.

I think for many of us, it’s so easy to fall into this comparison trap or wanting to be like someone else simply because we feel this pressure to be “successful” in the eyes of how the world defines success.

Owning an expensive home, fancy car, having a fancy job title, although are not bad things in and of themselves, they can quickly become distractions that steer us off track to being our authentic selves if these things become our end goal to achieving success. Make those things happen and work hard to achieve them, but enjoy the journey!

I remember graduating high-school back in 2010, and all I wanted to do is go to beauty school. Growing up- I loved learning how to do a smokey eye makeup look or how to contour my face and I enjoyed doing up-do’s on my dolls and dressing up in high heels.

It was no surprise that I wanted to pursue a career in the beauty industry, but that career, for most, was merely considered a career let a lone a successful one.

I’ve always been stubborn though and my stubbornness sometimes has lead me to some of the best decisions of my life while other choices have lead me down wrong paths, yet are all still part of what’s helped me gain fortitude and wisdom along the way.

I’m nearing twelve years in the beauty industry working as a barber which, quite frankly, I was surprised to fall into this career that I’m still passionate about. I didn’t expect to fall in-love with this trade, let alone even think I’d be self-employed over these past seven years and enjoying it.

I’m not saying that my journey as a barber has been perfect because it hasn’t, and there has been times in my journey that I’ve considered walking away from it, but somehow I keep falling in-love with it as I find meaning in it and is life giving to me.

What I’ve learned throughout my journey is that, being authentic leads you to finding your passion that even when you feel like quitting you still find it in you to keep going and showing up stronger again and again regardless of your setbacks and fears.

I don’t know where you are in your career path or what you may be going through in your personal life, but let me remind you that you were created on purpose and that your gifts, your talents, what brings you joy has a purpose.

Let your light shine.

Write down your values and your nonnegotiable.

I’ve found that mine are the strength of my faith, my dedication to my purpose, love for my family, and my commitment to who I am.

Work hard for what matters most to you.

True success come from living true to yourself…

Remember, no one can tell the stories you can tell.

Your life, your story.

“Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest.” ~Ecclesiastes 11:4

Often times we wait for the “perfect” time to either start a business, begin a relationship, switch careers, or whatever the case may be, but we don’t know what tomorrow holds.

God is the writer of our stories and He knows why He placed you and I on earth at this time… And He also knows our failures, yet He uses them for good…

Trust God, and do good… šŸ™‚


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