You were created with many gifts and talents

After eleven years in the beauty industry serving as a barber, I had the opportunity to work in a stone company as a sales rep. Very different industry than what i’m currently in, but for many people that know me know that I enjoy home decor, furniture flips, and simply all things interior design.

I can almost bet that many of you might be able to relate to the fact that even though we love our current jobs, sometimes there’s that lingering thought of the “what if” I tried something new?

I know over these past three years I have had this thought, yet I never exactly “knew” what other career I’d take until this summer.

Going into this new job I honestly thought i’d fall in love and quit barbering all together, but to my surprise, after two weeks and two days, It turns out I simply wasn’t “feeling” it.

Although I loved the fact that I dressed up a bit more, helped a few customers choose their perfect stone for their home project, and for the first time a nine-to-four kind of schedule, and amazing coworkers and boss, something didn’t feel right.

I felt disconnected.

And part of me felt sad that I didn’t actually fall in love with this new job.

But you know what?

Sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones to figure out what we really do want or like about our jobs.

Maybe you’re currently feeling lack of motivation in your current career, but you don’t know what else to do.

Here are some simple steps that might help:

-Take some time to write down what you do enjoy about your current job.

Take note of what hobbies you enjoy.

-Ask yourself how you want to positively contribute to this world and how your current/future career aligns with you beliefs.

-Pray and ask God for discernment on what next step to take.

Then ask yourself; Will I be happy about this decision ten minutes from now? Ten days from now? Ten weeks from now?

I’d love to tell you that I was 100% sure I wanted to try this new job in the beginning, but I wasn’t.

I thought and prayed about it a lot.

When I made the decision to try it out was when I decided to step out in faith and at least try because I knew that fear was the only thing stopping me and I didn’t want to live in the “what if” years later not knowing if it would have worked out or not.

But when I chose to go back to full-time barbering, I still had days where I thought maybe I had quit too soon, yet I know I had peace when I made my decision and I’m choosing to believe that this was the right decision for me.

Some things are meant to simply stay as hobbies for now and that’s okay.

Let them bring you joy.

Allow your career to align with your gifts and talents as they contribute positively to this world for as long as God allows it to and keep praying that He gives you strength and wisdom to keep serving and doing all things for his glory.

We’re all built differently and every career has its uniqueness. There’s no such thing as one is better than the other, nor are we less than or more than based on how much or how little income we make.

You were created just as you are with the many gifts and talents you have.

Trust God, and Do Good… 🙂


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