Change is often hard yet inevitable

I don’t know about you, but fall season is my all time favorite season of the year. I simply love the sound of the dried up leaves on the ground as I stroll through the forest. I am always in awe of the beautiful transition of the colors of the leaves that go from green to red, yellow, orange, and then brown. And don’t get me started on pumpkin spice lattes, flannel shirts, and brown boots!

Okay, I know I know, we’re still in summer, but this morning I had my first pumpkin spice cold brew and my evening bike ride felt a bit chillier than usual. And to be honest, although I was super excited about the fall season approaching, the gloominess of tonight as I sat in front of a lake where I normally watch the sunset saddened me as the sun was nowhere to be found. Just the evening before I had witnessed the most beautiful sunset while today the sky was covered in clouds…

This was taken a day before on my iPhone (no filter needed). Below is a videoclip of the current event mentioned.

Far too often I realize how quick we can be to discourage ourselves by thinking too far ahead instead of enjoying the present moment.

For you it might not be the change of season approaching, but change is often inevitable to all of us.

A new job.

A new work schedule.

A new relationship.

A new challenge in your marriage.

You might be a new parent to your own children or, you might be starting a blended family.

You might have moved to a new state or even a new country.

Whatever the case may be, change is always at hand and we could seek to embrace it and move forward by faith or, we can allow the unknown paralyze us with fear as we toy around in our minds assuming the worst possible outcomes. Ultimately, the choice is ours…

As I sat on the edge of the lake I began to feel the cool breeze get stronger as the raindrops fell on my clothes. I didn’t move, but instead stayed for a few more minutes simply admiring how the ducks continued to swim in groups so peacefully by each other. I couldn’t help but to think of Jesus when He was in a boat with His disciples through a storm. His disciples were freaking out while Jesus was asleep without an ounce of worry… (Read Matthew 8:23-27)

I smiled with the thought of this story in the Bible as I looked at the ducks swim by right in front of me. As I rode away on my bike I couldn’t help but to laugh out loud to myself as the water felt heavier and my favorite scent of wet dirt and fresh grass filled my nostrils. In that moment I was reminded to be present in the moment instead of worrying about the future and the dark winter days for every season has its own beauty.

Right before the rain began.

Whether you’re starting a new job, a new project, a new relationship, moving somewhere new, or whatever your new thing may be we have the choice to move forward in faith or remain in familiar territories that don’t cause us to grow.

Regardless of what season of life you may be in don’t try to push down your emotions.

  • Allow yourself to feel sad, confused, angry, or lonely if that’s what you’re feeling. Your emotions are not your identity.
  • Give yourself permission to step back for a moment and express your emotions, desires, and needs to God. He delights in those who recognize their need of Him regardless of where we’ve been or what we’ve done.
  • Identify what in your life is life-giving to you, what your priorities are, and what you’re not willing to compromise anymore.
  • But don’t forget to move forward in faith.

God sees you.

He created you as you are.

Your story matters.

Your life was created on purpose and for a purpose.

Keep moving forward…

Trust God, and Do Good 🙂


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