People Pleasing VS the Holy Spirit

Hello my beautiful friends!

It’s been exactly six weeks that I’ve met a guy and most of my free time quickly became his. This isn’t an excuse for me not to write, but I fell into an old habit of “people pleasing” rather than obeying the Holy Spirit’s prompting in my day to day life. There were plenty of times when I felt lead to say no to things and even though I often did say no sometimes out of not hurting the other person I’d say yes knowing that my “yes” wasn’t sincere. My “yes” in the end often lead to me feeling empty and like a liar. When instead, my sincere “no” would have lead to peace.

The relationship right from the beginning to me felt like it was moving too fast for my own pace. It started with talking on the phone for hours past midnight, seeing each other more often in a week than we probably should have, to kissing three weeks into getting to know each other as friends. I did open up to him about how I felt things were too fast for me, but somehow I ended up giving it a chance at his kind of pace.

I get it though. We all move at a different pace in relationships. I personally used to jump into relationships a lot quicker in the past, but after being single for a few years now, my view of how I do relationships has changed.

“I say this to you: let the Holy Spirit lead you in each step. Then you will not please your sinful old selves.” ~Galatians 5:16.

When we disobey the Spirit we not only hurt ourselves but we end up hurting others and possibly even running the risk of robbing ourselves and others of the blessings God has for all of us if we had only obeyed the Spirit in that moment. This isn’t to say that God won’t bless us, He will always be with us no matter what, but what I am saying is that our sins do have consequences. Yes, with Christ we were chosen to be free, but we must be careful to not please our old selves by sinning because we are free. Our freedom must be used to love and help others (Galatians 5:13). I understand, we all have habits and go-to ways of pleasing ourselves and others, but with God, any form of weakness or temptation is possible to overcome with God’s strength within us.

These past six weeks and new relationship with a guy truly helped me see and experience God’s grace in a new way. I did fall into an old habit of people pleasing, yet my fervent prayers and seeking of God’s wisdom and discernment helped me slow down and actually listen to God’s voice and correction. As I’m writing this blog I am on a retreat with my Mama (friend, mom, mentor, best friend), in Phelps, Wisconsin. God knew ahead of time that I would need this getaway to reflect and take a step back. He provided just like He has done in many occasions 🙂

My friend, believe that God does speak to you and that He does provide for all of your needs. Seek Him in prayer and in His word. He will always speak into our lives and guide us in the right direction, but we must lean on Him day-by-day. This isn’t only for our own benefit, but also for those around us and for God’s glory and purpose set before us.

“Those who let their sinful old selves tell them what to do live under the power of their sinful old selves. But those who let the Holy Spirit tell them what to do are under His (God) power. If your sinful old self is the boss over your mind, it leads to death. But if the Holy Spirit is boss over your mind, it leads to life and peace.” ~Romans 8:5-6

What are you currently struggling to be honest about in your life?

This could mean career, project, relationship, etc…

What is the Spirit asking you to do or let go of?

My dear brother and sister, I encourage you to pray and be still in God’s presence as the Holy Spirit leads you and gives you wisdom and discernment over your present struggles…

Trust God, and Do Good… ❤️


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