How can we contribute positively in this world?

There’s so much going on in this world right now that many of us have questions, concerns, and a deep desire to help make a positive change with those around us. But sometimes it can get overwhelming and the easiest thing to do is cry in pain as we pray to God for answers to all of the uncertainty.

Racism hurts because rejection in general is hard to experience and I’m sure all of us have experienced it many times in our lives and even have rejected or made a racist comment towards others unintentionally. Rejection itself does not discriminate color of the skin nor race. Even Jesus Christ, Son of God, experienced this throughout His life on Earth, (read through the book of John, Mark, Luke, or Matthew to see His life in action).

I know some people may be wondering where God is and why He’s allowing all of this to happen, but the truth is, He is working and fully present in all of this.

If we look at the book of Mark chapter 3 verse 27, we see that God permits satan to work in our world, yet God is still in control. Because He is God, Jesus has power over satan and is able to drive out demons, thus ending their terrible work in people’s lives. Vengeance and final judgment is His, not the leaders of this world. This is why we are reminded so many times throughout scripture to not be afraid, (Proverbs 3:25-26). God never promises us an easy life, in fact, He tells us that in this world we will face many trials of different kinds

Racism, rejection, illnesses and so on has been happening for ages, yet it’s never felt like this before. The whole world is experiencing the same things in a deeper level all at once and the shutdowns have forced us to slow down and change our ways and let go of the control we thought we had over our lives. No, God is and has always been in control, but it is our duty to draw near to God in order for us to experience His presence.

So how can we all make a difference in this world? It must start from within us. We have to change and allow God to heal us from whatever wounds, regrets, fears, and failures. Until we allow God into our lives and our hearts, then we can really learn to love and serve for His glory.

Before I chose to be baptized in 2017, I can tell you that I felt ashamed to come to God and confess my wrongdoings and part of me thought He was probably ashamed of me, too. But, I still knew that I needed Him, yet it was scary for me to let go of the way I was living because it was all I knew. I’m still stubborn at times, but I’ve been and continue to understand that God’s love towards me is never-ending and unconditional and it is because of that love towards me from God through the blood of Jesus that i’ve learned to have more compassion towards others and my self. It’s because of that love towards me that I fight with spiritual weapons instead of physical ones.

I understand that it’s scary to live for Christ and to allow Him to change us because we fear loosing what we consider valuable in our lives today, but there’s nothing compared to God’s love for us. Nothing in this world, no fame, no amount of money, no job title, or marital status that compares to the peace and fullness we receive when we choose to confess with our lips that Jesus died for us on the cross for our sins. It is because of Jesus that we can obtain the gift of the Holy Spirit within us so that we may live to know Him and live for Him. This free gift, (and yes, free not earned), is ours to live with God for eternity. Life with Him there is no such thing as color of skin and this is what I love about doing life with all of my brothers and sisters in Christ whom come from different backgrounds.

When we truly get to know God we begin to love what He loves, and hate what He hates. And when we learn of Jesus’s ministry on Earth, we learn how He also lived to serve and not to be served. Jesus felt the pain, the anger, the loss and so much more of what we’ve also experienced in our lives, I mean, can we even dare to think He wouldn’t understand us? He understands and always welcomes us into His arms filled with compassion towards us regardless of what we’ve done. He came to save the sinners and this includes all of us. We will always fall short, but He will always be willing to journey with us as we allow Him into our hearts and minds.

Let’s be changed by the hand of God so that we can make a positive change in this world.


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