Don’t let the world define whom you are

As I try to figure out how to write this blog, I’m also wondering how many of you could agree that you didn’t know you actually needed this quarantine. As an introvert, I quite honestly have been enjoying my alone time. Never in a million years would I have ever thought this would be true of me.

For years of always being in relationships I always felt like I couldn’t live without a guy by my side. But these past two-plus years of singleness have been a season of rediscovering whom God Is and within getting to know more of Him has led to the getting to unmask and rediscover whom I am.

I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how I tend to admire and look up to people on TV and simply daydream of how I could have their lives. This quarantine is and has honestly become something I didn’t know I needed, and maybe this is true for you as well. I’m learning in a deeper level what it really means to be still and what it looks like to wait on God for provision. These things are honestly really hard for me. I struggle allowing people to provide for me financially when I know I need it, but I love to serve when it’s placed in my heart to do so. I can’t sit still for long periods of time because i’m constantly looking for things to do. It even came to mind that I possibly fell in love with plants this season because they are something that requires my help and care in order for them to survive. I could’t go back to my barbershop where I always come alive as I converse with my clients, so caring for my dog and now plants I thought was a good option. 😉
IMG_0069 IMG_0067

I don’t know if you’re a kind of person whom is always on the go and trying to get things done. If you are, then I bet you can relate if you’ve had no other choice than to stay at home. Somehow go-getters and most business owners seem to struggle with this which is not always a bad thing.

The beauty of this season, at least for me, is that it’s forced me to let go of “control” and to slow down. I felt like God met me in what seems like my kind of “wilderness” through quarantine, and helped me really see His faithfulness as He provided for me in every way.

For so long I think I got caught up in the wanting to fit in and be like everyone else, but I realize now that I don’t want that. I want my own story and I most desperately want to be the woman God created me to be. I don’t want to run my business as a barber like every other barber. I don’t want to hide and not share my faith with others because it’s what’s set me free to be myself. I’m not ashamed to be different and I confess to you that I probably did try to fit in to what the world defines as success.

We’re not called to blend in. We’re called to be salt of the earth and light of the world. But how can we be these things if we try to blend in with everyone else. We were born to be different and unafraid or unashamed of who we are.

Do you want to know whom you are?

Read the Bible and you’ll discover that it’ll read you in return. It’s not always pretty or easy to discover the ugliness we have inside, but it’s a great feeling to know that God is with us and for us. He doesn’t instruct us on how to live to punish us, but to instead help us live a life worthy of living. He protects us, always.

Proverbs 9_10


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