Reimagine yourself…

Hi friends!

Many of us have regrets from our pasts and possibly wish we could go back in time to change the things we chose to do. But while we obviously know that that’s impossible, we still have the opportunity to not let our past determine how we live our lives today. We could either use our past mistakes to help us discern how to live out our today, or we could dwell on the past and live a miserable life. The choice is yours.

Do you like chocolate? I know, weird question, but I really love chocolate, bare with me here…

There’s a brand called “Dove” that I really enjoy and not only are there flavors mouth watering with their buttery and rich consistency, but they’re also uniquely shaped and carefully wrapped in a foil like wrapper that holds a quote in each one of them. There was a quote that really stuck with me once and I thought the statement couldn’t be further from the truth.

DOVE Promises Dark Chocolate Peg Bag 2.26 Ounce | Dollar General

“Your vibe attracts your tribe.” ~Dove Chocolate

Would you agree?

Frankly, I do agree with this statement and I believe this also has a lot to do with our own confidence and boundaries.

Lets’s say you’re not living a life you’re proud of for whatever reason. What if you reimagined yourself as a better version of yourself today? Not as a different person, but a better version of yourself. What would you change about yourself or your environment?

Personally, I know that I have had regrets from choices I’ve made in the past, but i’m quickly learning that most of my choices were based on fear and lack of boundaries. Somehow guilt or fear was always attached to my decisions. My choices today sometimes can also be attached to the desire to feel loved, appreciated, and validated if I’m not in a healthy place in mind and spirit.

If you can relate in some way, I encourage you to reimagine yourself as a confident individual with healthy boundaries. Someone who isn’t afraid to say no when your tendency is to say yes to everyone to simply please them. Someone who isn’t afraid of the fear of missing out when they choose to do something they actually rather do instead. Or even someone whom chooses to walk away from a toxic relationship that isn’t serving them any anymore.

Reimagine yourself as a confident individual who lives on purpose for a purpose. woman-1245926_1920

The start of our lives might have not looked like what we would have waned. The start of 2020 isn’t what any of us would have imagined. But there’s always room for improvement within ourselves regardless of where we are. One step at a time.




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