Why it’s Good to Reach Out

Hi friends!

We all need somebody to journey with us in life whether we think we don’t. Trust me, i’m personally someone that likes to do almost everything on my own and get annoyed when people tell me what to do especially if the person advising me doesn’t take the time to actually listen to understand me. Thank God He’s teaching me self control and grace or else i’d be in big trouble!

Anyway, I know a lot of us might not want to or even know whom to trust when it comes to a certain situation in life where we know we may need a little advice. Maybe you’re uncomfortable sharing relationship concerns with your own family and that’s totally understandable, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to a counselor or a mentor.

I honestly don’t like sharing a lot with my family for personal reasons, and i’ve accepted that that’s okay. I’ve met with a professional counselor a few times for this very reason, and throughout these past few years of my spiritual growth, I’ve also learned that God gives us mentors whom can fill in the gap and journey with us through certain seasons of our lives.

This actually reminds me of Jesus. He would go up to a mountain and pray first on His own, and then He would go serve wherever He was lead. Throughout scripture we read stories of how He taught in synagogues, shared meals with His disciples, and even washed His disciples feet.

I say this because we can’t just go before anyone to advice us, we have pray and seek God through this decision and wait for Him to lead us. Let’s put it this way; if you’re struggling with remaining celibate it would be even harder to stay accountable when your friend is someone that doesn’t necessarily believe in celibacy nor practices it.

When you reach out to a mentor, consider someone you know you can trust. People that share the same values as you, and someone that you already look up to in the way they live out their singleness, marriage, physical health, and spiritual life.

If you don’t have a close relationship with God at the moment, or understand what that means, God will always meet you where you are.

[Jesus said,] “Those the Father has given me will come to me, and I will NEVER reject them.” ~John 6:37

Did you get that? God will never reject you. It doesn’t matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done, He is patient and knows we need Him. He will bring You the right mentors into your life if you ask Him. Reach out to Him in prayer, and then if you sense someone may be right for you then reach out to them. Often times God will point you toward that person, or that person will actually reach out to you. Both instances have happened to me with my mentors and they have been and are a huge blessing to me as I am to them.

There’s a book I’m currently reading with one of my mentors called, “The Gift of Being Yourself,” by David G. Benner. In this book you will discover how we get to know ourselves the more we get to know God personally. I love that I get to experience this book with someone I can grow with, without having to feel ashamed of my flaws or whatever convictions I encounter.


Because personal knowing is based on experience, it requires that we be open to the experience. Knowing God’s love demands that we receive God’s love- experientially, not simply as a theory. 

~David G. Benner

Knowing God takes spending time alone with Him and actually experiencing Him and His faithfulness in our lives. In this same way, when we journey life with others, we too, learn of ourselves and experience God’s grace through them as we learn to receive it and give it, even when it’s hard, but it’s part of our personal growth and becoming more like Christ.

I encourage you to pray, seek God, and reach out to someone whom can mentor you, or even if you’re desiring to mentor someone we can also pray, seek, and reach out to them. 😉

You can purchase “The Gift of Being Yourself,” by clicking on the link above.

Disclaimer; By purchasing any product provided by my blog generates a small percentage of income through the Amazon Associates affiliate program. All books recommended by this blog are recommended by personal use in hopes they bless your life as much as they have mine. Thank You!


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