Singleness During Quarantine

Happy quarantine friends!

Let’s talk about singleness during quarantine and what this season may teach us through uncertainty and hope.

I don’t know where you may be right now as a single, you may be online dating even if you’re not necessarily meeting up with someone,  you might be pursuing or being pursued by a potential partner. Wherever you are it’s important to use this time of singleness to discover whom you are, your values, and what you’d envision your goals to look like in a future marriage. All of these things are important to do especially prior to a relationship, not because these are my “opinions,” but because they are principles directly from the word of God.

When I personally engaged in relationships at an early age, I didn’t have real goals. My only goal was to be someones wife and have my happily ever after.  I experienced marriage at age eighteen and ended after four years, why? Because I didn’t know my worth, I didn’t have values, nor did I know marriage had a greater purpose. And you know what? In 2017,  I was engaged again and about to walk into another marriage thinking I was ready, but praise God His word and my obedience, as I learned to spend time reading scripture, three months after my new engagement I chose to step away from what I though I needed and wanted.


I won’t lie and say that it was easy for me to walk away from that relationship because it wasn’t. But these past two-plus years of singleness have and continue to be the best years of my life. Iv’e realized that if I hadn’t walked away from that relationship I wouldn’t have really gotten to know whom I was or whom I was created to be, and all of this is due to spending time with God and getting to really know Him instead of simply knowing of Him from others.

My friends, God accepts everyone and anyone. He meets us right where we are. Whether you are struggling with addictions, porn, sex outside of marriage or whatever it may be, He knows where you are because He sees you and knows your heart. Most importantly, He knows we need Him. He created each and one of us and He knows our flaws.

Only religious people would tell you that you have to get right before you come to God. But God tells us that He is ready for us regardless of where you may find yourself today. That’s why Jesus died on the cross and rose on the third day. He knew we needed a savior  because we are sinners.

If you’re single and are currently in quarantine, I encourage us to start or continue seeking God and knowing Him more personally. I can assure you that doing this often leads to knowing ourselves and finding our true identity. God is in the business of changing hearts and minds with love.

Let God be the author of your love story…

Three of my favorite books on singleness/relationships are;

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