Where is Your Faith?

Hello friends!

Things continue to be uncertain and the topic of the day remains focused on a virus that had been going on long before it had a name. It’s feeling even more real for those that have had relatives and loved ones affected by it and even passed away unexpectedly. The topic of loss and grief is not an easy one to talk about for me, but I can’t say that I don’t know how it feels because I have experienced it throughout life and my heart goes to those whom mourn right now.

What I want to share with you tonight though, is something that I know majority may relate.


Now, I understand that in this world we all worship something or someone. But where is your faith now in these current circumstances? Who do you pray to? Where is your comfort coming from?

Let me share with you that I grew up as a believer in Christ Jesus, but I didn’t realize that I wasn’t worshiping Him completely. Yes, I went to church and followed religious tradition, but I never understood what it really meant. I always felt that everything I did as devotion to church was my ticket to heaven. It wasn’t until my mid twenties that I realized my idea of God was different from the God I know today. I used to think He was far, strict, and sometimes even mean. It took a lot of mistakes and pain for me to realize who He really was. I continue to learn of Him every day still and the more I do the more I learn about myself.

Although I thought I worshiped God by achieving what felt like check marks on an invisible spiritual calendar, I confess that I was really worshiping marriage in my earlier years. What can I say, I grew up on Disney’s Cinderella movie which is still my top favorites. Anyway, my goal in life was to be a wife and find fulfillment in a husband. Oh, how wrong I was! I’m not saying that marriage is wrong, it’s simply not the goal of life, is it still a desire of mine, of course. But scripture even tells us that in Heaven there will be no husband or wife, but we’ll save this for another post.

Many of you may or may not relate, but we’ve all worshiped something or someone at some point and maybe even today. This pandemic has certainly awakened what we have been worshiping lately. For some it may be careers, money, kids, or even celebrities.

What we worship becomes our security but has it really made you feel secure lately?

By no means am I trying to point fingers, we’re all sinful human beings and we tend to seek security in places or things other than God alone.

God never promised us a life without pain. In fact, He says that in this world we will find many troubles.

I have told you all this so that you may have…

I mentioned that my biggest desire or goal in life was to be married. I longed for it and for years since a very young age I dated many guys and most of them were always older than I was. I did end up marrying one that was nine years older than I, but guess what? None of the relationships nor my past marriage ever filled that void I felt, I think I actually felt more alone and insecure.

Maybe you feel the same way in your relationship. Or you may even feel insecure at the moment even though this whole time of building financial wealth still brings you insecurity. Perhaps you feel without a purpose because you’re not physically in your workplace. Maybe this is a season of slowing down and reevaluating our values and purpose in life.

Proverbs 29_18

I do believe that peoples marriages and businesses are at even more risk these days, but it’s those that don’t have vision or purpose. I’m not saying you should get a divorce or quit running your business, what I am saying is that we can’t keep living on our own strength.

 God tells us in the beginning of Proverbs that the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. To fear the Lord means to hate evil. To understand what God loves and seek to pursue it, hate what He hates and seek righteousness.

God wants you to have desires. He’s a loving, caring, graceful Father. In fact, He’s the one giving you ideas and desires. He created you and knows what you want, but most importantly knows what you need and at the right time. He knows we need His wisdom and correction, that’s why He longs for us to get to know him and spend time with Him every day and not just to pray and ask for what we want but to also know Him and understand what He wants for our lives.

If you desire marriage seek to marry someone whom has vision for God’s kingdom and shares the same values as you.

If you desire to own a business don’t let your biggest reason be money.

Where is your faith?

What have you been worshiping?

God is a loving and merciful God. If you feel empty or lost, turn to Him, It’s never too late. Life with Him doesn’t mean it’ll be easier, it just means that you won’t do life alone.

Lord, thank You for new beginnings and Your grace towards me. Forgive me for worshiping other idols instead of seeking You for fulfillment. I ask that You search my heart and intentions so that I can turn around and have a greater purpose. You know my desires and I trust that Your ways are better than mine. In Jesus’s name I pray, Amen.


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