How to Find Peace

Hello friends!

Change is very hard and unpleasant at times isn’t is? Especially in times like these where no one really knows when things will get back to what we consider to be “normal” and maybe that’s okay.

For some people this pandemic might help us re-evaluate who we date and how we date, how we spend our time and money, what career path we’ll choose, and even how we view our faith and values.

Whatever the case may be for each one of us, this honestly really isn’t all that new, just different.

Throughout life we’ve all experienced seasons of waiting. Waiting to grow up, waiting for graduation, waiting on that new job, waiting for “the one,” or even waiting for a “better” option than what we already have. The point is, we’re human and we’re constantly waiting on something new.

This pandemic has everyone disoriented because of the fact that everyone has different opinions and no one has the answers we want to hear. This confusion only causes anxiety and even more fear which then leads to spread fear in to others. But where is this fear coming from?

We’re all being reminded of one thing and that is that none of us has full control of what happens in our lives, but we do have control over how we respond to certain situations. We can either choose to keep our pride and do what ever we want even if it dishonors God and our loved ones, or we can choose to be still and understand that this is something we really have no control over.


There’s a season for everything just as we see in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. 

Maybe this is a season for us to reestablish our values and relationship with God. Maybe He’s asking us to be still and really get to know Him more. Sometimes we grow up believing that Church is only Sunday service, but that’s not true. God longs for relationship with each one of us. He wants us to not only pray and ask for things of Him, but to also know Him for who He really is and thank Him for the grace He gives us every single day.

If you’re single during this pandemic this could be a great time for you to spend time in God’s word a bit more and you might find that He really is the one whom can truly fulfill you.

If your business is hurting right now, God’s word might show you how to change things around in your business or even lead you to something better and more in ling with your values.

If you’re married in this season this might help you both strengthen not only your faith but also your marriage as you allow God truly be the center focus of your marriage. Maybe this might help you both find new goals you’d both love to work on together.

If you’re confused of what career path to take, spending time with God and getting to know him more might help you know yourself more as well and lead you to discover what your gifts and talents are really made for.

Possibilities are endless and God’s word never changes. This is a perfect time to seek God and find peace in our prince of peace, Christ Jesus.


Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you might find it hard to understand the Bible, but there are many free resources like “Bible Gateway” where you can download free studies based on what you’re struggling with, “Bible Gateway” has multiple Bible translations and languages, and “Inspirations” which is a daily devotional app as well that can get your started.

Here’s a prayer that can help you get started if you don’t know where to start.

God, thank You for hearing my prayers and for this new grace. Forgive me if I haven’t spent enough or any time with You in the past, but I’m ready for this relationship with You. Please help me to know You more not only in this season, but for many more to come. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen. 


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