Our Past Choices Have Consequences

Hi my friends!

Do you ever feel like past decisions come back to haunt you at times? It hadn’t happened to me in quite a while actually until this morning when I received a letter in the mail.

Last week I had gone to a shooting range with a good friend of mine whom is actually also a long time client. I don’t have a FOID card to legally shoot a gun, but since he’s a cop I was able to shoot with him. As we were headed out after shooting I had decided to try and apply online for my own FOID card which included personal and background information that would later indicate if I was qualified to obtain a firearm or shoot on my own at any gun range in Illinois.


Well this morning I received a letter in the mail from the police department indicating that my application for my FOID card was denied. I honestly was afraid of this happening due to my past, but didn’t think it would affect me emotionaly  in the way that it did. I continued to read the letter and it indicated their reason why I was denied and it went as far as when in 2012 I was hospitalized for mental health issues. At that time I had been two years into my marriage and over a period of time of depression, infidelity, mental and physical abuse was what lead me to attempt suicide which lead to my hospitalization.

I’m happy to say that I don’t struggle with depression anymore, glory to God, and that due to this event back in January of 2012, my now ex-husband later in 2014, was able to become a legal citizen of the USA. Long story short, I used my hospitalization to help him out which I don’t regret doing…

I share this with you because receiving this letter of denial due to one of my negative choices I made in the past saddened me. know i’m not where I used to be and that God has forgiven me for the many mistakes I have made. But just because we change and God forgives us doesn’t mean that our past choices won’t affect us now or in the future. I know many more things that I did in the past will come up and affect me, but I also know that nothing is impossible with God. I didn’t know God or have the relationship I have with Him now when I made so many negative choices, but i’m glad to continue to see how He uses all of those things I did for His glory. 🙂

Whatever plan God has for YOU in your life He will make it happen. We will constantly fail and make mistakes, but everything will be used for His glory. All of our choices have consequences, choose wisely and never forget that we serve a loving, forgiving and powerful God.

Trust God, and Do Good…


3 responses to “Our Past Choices Have Consequences”

  1. I can definately relate: I’ve been hospitalised a couple of times for mental health issues… Although by God’s grace I’ve been well for years now, I’m not sure I’ve made up for all those wasted years!


    1. Thank you so much for sharing Robert! I love that we can relate. Praise God for our healing! Even if we don’t “make up” for those wasted years, it’s good to know that at least we’re now living by God’s Grace for His glory. To Him nothing goes to waste my friend ❤️


      1. That’s true! 🙂


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