How & where do we find true long-lasting fulfillment

Hello  my  beautiful friends!

Okay, so a really funny thing just happened to me a few minutes before turning on my laptop. I honestly did’t know exactly what to write about tonight, but as I searched a Jazz music playlist on YouTube for my background inspiration,  I came across one that was playing live and I noticed a conversation that was going on in the live comment section. It drew my attention to it because it was comments made in Spanish by a young man and young women. I couldn’t help but to realize what was going on as I noticed the girl flirting with this guy as she told him she was impatiently waiting for him for thirty minutes to get on this “chat” thing which is technically not supposed to be a chat. She mentioned how she missed him and how she was finally excited to be speaking with him. His reply after a few flirtatious comments from her was a question asking her about her boyfriend. She didn’t deny that she had a boyfriend, but also shared how she felt alone in this relationship and that this is why she was now speaking to him (guy on the chat).

I was so amazed by how they were so openly sharing things with each other (more so her) and especially on a place where more than 900 people were currently viewing/listening to this live Jazz YouTube. I wondered if they knew their conversation was open to the world to see so I kindly commented in Spanish and said, “You do realize people can see your conversation, right?” and the girl kindly replied, “Yes, but this is our secret chat.” Like, WHAT!?! I said no more and closed out of that live video and chose a “relaxing autumn Jazz” playlist which I’m currently listening to with my pumpkin pecan waffle scented candle burning on my office table, and a hoodie over my PJ’s. What can I say, I love fall season 🙂

I’m actually kinda glad I came across this because this inspired me to write more on a topic I love to explore. Relationships, singleness and fulfillment topics are a constant in my heart and mind.

I too remember feeling alone like this girl did while still being in a relationship. I loved having someone to call my boyfriend, but I hated the fact that I never fully felt fulfilled.

The problem is that we will never find long lasting fulfillment in relationships, marriage, careers, as mother or father figures or anything really. Yes all these things are great and they can give us moments of excitement, but as long as we continue to seek our identity in them we will continue to feel empty from deep within.

In order to truly find fulfillment we must surrender ourselves to God. Our identity must come from Him in order for us to experience the love, joy and peace we all long for.

So God created human beings in His own image. In the image of God He created them; male and female He created them.” Genesis 1:27 NLT

Right in the beginning God tells us that He created us in His image. Adam and Eve were made perfect and had it all until they sinned. We too are sinners and we’ll never be perfect. But we have a perfect God who’s image never changes.

My friends, God is as close to you as you are to Him. Seek Him and get to know Him for when you do you notice you begin to hate what He hates and love what He loves. We’re broken human beings in need of a healer. It’s only through the grace God gives us through His Son Jesus Christ that we begin to find our identity in Him. I’m not saying you won’t have times when you feel alone, but there’s a difference between feeling lonely and really being alone. We are never alone when we have God.

Pray: Father God, I thank you for who You are and for the season of life I am currently in. I confess to You right now that I am lost without You and that I continue to seek fulfillment everywhere else but in You. Papa, help me to know You more for who You are, for I know that when I start reading Your word You too begin to read me. Search my heart and heal me, Lord. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.





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