God Does Answer Prayers

Hi my friends!

Do you sometimes feel like God doesn’t answer your prayers? Well take a closer look and see that sometimes He does answer prayers yet in His own unique and sometimes funny ways.

Today I want to share with you something that happened to me yesterday morning (Monday July 22), right after I had dropped off my mom at her work. It was close to 7am and I’m normally still in my pajamas, hair in a bun, obviously no makeup on, no phone, but definitely with my dog Onyx on my lap.

My routine normally goes by dropping her off and then Onyx and I drive back home for his morning walk, but this time was different.

We’re on our way home as I spot a dog near the road without a collar on his neck all on it’s own so I instantly turn back around and drive into the forest preserve where this dog seems to be hanging out. There’s no car or any people near by so Onyx and I get out of the car and of course, this medium size dog seemed scared at first but almost instantly got comfortable with Onyx as they played and chased each other.


(Looked kinda like this dog above. Super cute!)

I thought, “Okay, this won’t be too hard. I’ll just open the trunk to my SUV and have him jump in.” HAH! Ain’t that easy, Yoliz. Half hour goes by and no luck on getting this dog in my car and I most certainly was not going to give up.

I let both dogs play as I’m fervently praying and asking God for help.

“Lord, I know I didn’t come across this dog for no reason. I can’t leave him abandoned. God, I don’t know how, but help me save him!” 

I’m supposed to meet up with someone I love to call my Mama this morning at 9am, but it is getting close to 8am now and i’m stuck with this dilemma without a phone to contact her and I look like I just had rolled out of bed! Oh wait, that’s  because I did! HAHA

Finally, I see a guy walking by with his headphones on and I yell “excuse me!” to get his attention as I notice the stray dog also ran to him as if it were his owner. I tell this young guy what’s going on and he immediately looks up shelters or places where we could take this dog. It takes us a few minutes but finally he was able to pick the dog up and put him in my trunk and the four of us drive to the nearest police station for help.

I know, I bet you’re thinking, “You let a stranger in your car!?!”

Trust me. I couldn’t believe any of this myself!  I hate asking for help and let alone talk to strangers and specifically men, but I was desperate for help and I was determined to save this dog.

We’re driving to the location and this guy seems super chill and very talkative as well as attentive. As i’m listening to him and realizing I’m driving a stray dog and a stranger in my car it suddenly hit me.

God did answer my prayer…. 🙂

I thought that when I prayed God would miraculously make this dog jump in my car or that the dog would eventually let me pick him up without growling at me, but God had His own way and timing on how He would make this happen.

Isn’t this how it always happens? God hears our prayers. He knows our desires. He does answer our prayers, but on His timing and in His way. 

“Thank You, God!” were the words I said in my mind as I smiled while I drove and took time to actually realize what had happened.

BUT THEN, I realized something else. I actually took a glance at this guy on my passenger seat. He was pretty handsome.  Had a tan sun kissed color skin tone, short full beard, long hair at the top and short on the sides and tall. Yup, he was pretty cute and incredibly humble which I initially found attractive. I believe he said his name was either Steven or Sebastian, but I sadly can’t remember now.

Great, here I was rolled out of bed and frizzy hair.  I became nervous after I finally came to my senses and I think I might have even accidentally punched in the wrong numbers on his phone when he asked me for my number. Oh God, I hope I didn’t make that mistake. I guess we’ll find out when or if he ever reaches out.

Anyway, back to the superhero story. 😉

We made it to the police station finally and we were able to have a worker from the animal rescue meet us to pick him up. Turned out they had already been looking for this dog a few days earlier. Somehow we were both kinda sad neither of us kept him, but glad that he was safe now.

All this to say,

My friends, God does answer prayers.

Keep praying, keep seeking, and keep nocking.

Don’t give up and ask God to match your desires to His for your life. He will answer, but on His timing and in His way.

Trust God, and Do Good… 


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