Finding direction under pressure

lost in discernment

Hi friends!

I hope some of you can relate to the feeling of not understanding what path to take in life at times and how our thoughts can most times get out of control in the middle of our own confusion. We so desperately want to please and honor God in all that we do which can sometimes become overwhelming if we’re not intentionally being still and opened to listen. 

I confess that a lot of times I get way into my own head that I “think” I have full control of my life, but I don’t. I tend to get impatient and open or even close my own doors to things instead of waiting on God’s timing to show me the way. Does this sound familiar to you, too? I sure hope i’m not alone on this! 😉

If you have followed my most recent blogs you might have noticed my anxiousness. But thank God the rollercoaster of this uncertainty of where to go about my career is over! God surely is faithful. 

Yes, I do believe we are all gifted in many ways and that God wants us to use our gifts and talents all for His glory, but we don’t have to just pick one thing. He freely gives us options to pick from and desires that we find joy in the work that we do.

A few questions that have helped me discern how to approach things I want to do are;

~What truly gives me joy?

~What do I find myself drawn to the most?

~Can I do this as a living?

~Am I glorifying God or myself with my current job?

~How can I serve God and others with this?

My hope for you is that some of these questions may help you in some way, too. 🙂

I mentioned to you in my most recent blogs how I was struggling between what to do as far as my career. Just a few days ago I had almost decided to quit my job as a barber after eight successful years. After fervent prayer, discussions with my mentor, close friends and my counselor, I realized that I didn’t need to quit doing any of my passions. God had given me many options and I simply had to choose how to manage my time and how to prioritize. For some of you this might have been obvious, but I can easily overthink things and burn myself out because want to do everything under my own energy and control, but God is in control, not me and I forget that many times.

What this season of confusion and discernment taught me;

~Let go and let God open new doors and close doors Himself, not me.

~Pray! Don’t get ahead of Him when you get impatient.

~He is always faithful and gracious.

~Even in our own mess, God uses it all for good.

~Be gracious to yourself.

I’m excited to keep working as a barber where I have been for the past four years as self-employed because it’s not just art work to me, it’s also a beautiful way to connect and relate with people and share God’s word! Taking a new approach to it now as a part-time job and setting new boundaries will be hard as I learn to actually manage a structured business that won’t drain me will be hard, but totally worth it as I can now enjoy writing more and actually connect with other bloggers. I’m ecstatic to pic up projects I had stopped in the past due to overworking!

I hope this encourages you in some way and thank you for following me in this journey for Christ!

Trust God, and Do Good… 


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