All things come to an end

Welcome back my friends!

For those of you that don’t know me personally, let me recap on what I do for a living so you may better understand this post.

I became a “barber” back in 2011 at the age of nine-teen, but long story short, I attended beauty school to specialize in womens hair, yet one of my best friends Gabby, whom passed away in November 2016,  had completed beauty school around the same time as I did and she had invited me to start a job with her at a hair salon that mainly took in mens cuts. I fell in love with mens grooming for many reasons and as I completed four years of working at this salon, events happened along the way that lead me to take a leap of faith and become self-employed in June of 2015.


(The picture above is my dear friend Gabby).

I can’t believe it’s going to be eight years total of my barbering career this June 2019! Honestly, life hasn’t gone the way I had envisioned it and these eight years of barbering I wouldn’t trade them for anything! But we all know that all things come to an end and when God tells us to move, then we must move…


(Above is my current work place where i’ve been self-employed from June 2015-2019

Let me explain.

I love my work! It’s never felt like a job to me because I truly enjoy it with a passion! It’s honestly even hard for me to refer to people as my clients because, to me, they have become my friends. I enjoy every single person that has sat on my chair and it’s been a blessing to know many of them for the eight years of my career and the ones I’ve known for less, too. To grow with these people has been a huge gift to me and it’s amazing to see how each one of us have grown. Sad stories, funny stories, tragedies, and accomplishments have always been a gift to my ears to hear. I truly love how they all can trust me with what all goes on in their lives and now as a Christian enjoy praying for them all.

For over a year now, i’ve been praying, searching, and actively working on how else I can improve or expand my business. But after a few trials and errors, I finally felt called to take another leap of faith. I’ll still be doing what I love, which is barbering, except in a whole different town that i’m not as familiar with, YIKES! But why, God?!? 

A good friend of mine, whom has been in the barbering industry for over twenty-two years now and has been a great mentor for me for quite some time now, had previously mentioned that i’d work in his barbershop. I instantly had declined it, but as time went by and we teamed up to work on a project called “La Verdad Network” which is active on YouTube and Instagram, the thought came to mind and I began to consider it and pray about it.


(Pic above is my friend Jay and I on a thumbnail to one of our youtube videos )

Through a lot of prayer with the help of my amazing friends and scripture, I made the decision to take this new route knowing that it involves a lot of risks. “Oh, it wasn’t easy and certainly not a fun conversation with the guys (clients).” All of my guys are in as much shock as I was when I broke it to them. Some even felt like as if I were breaking up with them. All of them have the same thoughts and feeling I’ve had. “But why!?!” “You have so many clients!”  “Your business is great and you make good money!” And this is all true! Business is great and it has only gotten better for me! But my work has never been about the money, that was simply a gift from God that I never imagined to have.

I’m truly passionate about what I do and what truly hurts the most is knowing that not everyone might follow me in this new season and journey of my life. Loosing the relationship with each person I won’t get to see anymore is painful and I still cry about it now and I can only imagine my last day there when it comes in May. But I know that there’s a season and a reason for everything and even if they or even may not understand this new direction God is leading me to, I know He has a great plan for my life. He has a great plan for all of us. We simply need to trust in Him, and obey His commands as we let Him use the gifts and talents He has placed upon us.

Trust God, and Do Good 🙂


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