Why singleness is more important than marriage

Hello my friends!

I’m super excited about this topic that I wish I could shout it out as you read this post! Maybe i’ll do a video on it so I can ūüėČ but for now, let me just share my thoughts and experiences with you.

If I’m passionate about this topic is because I’ve been granted another chance by God to do singleness the right way this time around and by His side. For those of you who don’t know my story, I was married at eighteen and divorced by twenty-three. You’d think I learned my lesson, but I got myself involved in another relationship to whom I was engaged too, but thank God I obeyed the Lord and didn’t make the same mistake again and got married for all the wrong reasons.

Anyway, what I want to share with you, is that i’ve learned that singleness is the most important season of our lives! YES, desiring a partner is great but that’s not the goal in life. NO man or woman will ever complete YOU. Believe me, I’ve had that mindset and i’ve fallen into that temptation way too many times. All of my relationships ended up having me feel lonely in the end, but you know why? Because I was eager to¬†feel¬†completed, I wanted to¬†feel¬†important, and I wanted to¬†feel¬†loved. I mean, who doesn’t want to¬†feel¬†this way!?! God created us for fellowship. He also says¬†“It’s not good for man to be alone.”¬†And that¬†“Two are better than one..” ~Ecclesiastes 4:9-12¬†It’s true! But there’s a huge difference in being physically alone than feeling lonely.

God knows your desires. He knows your heart more than we know ourselves. He hears our prayers. But you know what? He also desires for us to prosper, to have hope, to have joy and so much more. God hates divorce! So don’t you think that He wants to prepare you for a successful marriage at His right timing?

Listen, we all want our future Boaz or that future Proverbs 31 woman, but before we receive that man or woman we must become that Boaz or Proverbs 31 person ourselves.

If you’re single like myself right now, know that you’re not alone. Understand that singleness is the most beautiful season to be in because it’s the time in our lives to¬†become that person we were created to be. We are all made to be so much more than what we could ever think or imagine, but we must believe it first and allow God to renew our minds to think the way He does and not as the world does by spending time with¬†Him.¬†Doing this you will become to realize that¬†you are complete by Him alone. So complete that you soon believe that what other people say about you¬†doesn’t matter anymore¬†because you already know what God says about you.

“You shall love the Lord with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the great and first¬†commandment. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself.” ~Matthew 22:37-39

To know the Lord we must spend time with Him. To love our neighbor as ourselves¬†we¬†must¬†learn to love¬†ourselves first.¬†If we don’t love who we are first then, how can we love someone else? I get it! I’ve been there! And because I didn’t love or accept myself for who I was, I made poor decisions all the time.¬†Hurting people¬†hurt people.¬†

I want to share with you one of my fervent prayers and I hope you might make it your own, too.

Father God, I thank You for the life you have given me. I thank you for choosing me even before I chose You. Lord, I know You have great plans for my life and that everything that I’ve gone through will serve a purpose for Your glory. Lord, I confess that I am a¬†sinner and that I try to take control over things than only YOU have control over, but I pray to be changed by You. Purify my mind, my heart, my ways and my body so that I may glorify you with it. I know that I will never be perfect even if i strive for perfection. HEAL ME, PAPA. I pray to be and become that woman YOU have always intended for me to be. Change ME, LORD. I pray this in Jesus’s name, AMEN.¬†

Trust God, and Do Good…


2 responses to “Why singleness is more important than marriage”

  1. It’s going to be ending of mine day, however before ending I am reading
    this wonderful paragraph to increase my experience.


    1. Thank you for sharing and reading this blog post! ūüôŹ‚̧ԳŹ


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