How do I handle my hormones?

Hello my beautiful friends!

Last week I began a study on sexuality. I mentioned in my previous blog post Sex & The World how easy it is to fall into the worlds view of sex and how it affects us. I want to share with you my thoughts and what I’ve learned through scripture and how sin tends to take root into our lives.

As I read 2 Samuel 11:1-27, I learned about David and Bathsheba. King David had acquired the admiration of all Israel, numerous wives and children, military victories and expansions, as well as God’s promise that his house and kingdom would endure forever (2 Samuel 7:16). Well, in the story I read in chapter 11, I learned about David’s temptation. He watched Bathsheba, the wife of Uriah, as she was bathing in her own home and he demanded she came to him, which she did and they had sex. She ends up getting pregnant and now David is conflicted which tries to cover his sin in a not so God honoring way which leads to Uriah’s death.  “But the thing that David had done displeased the Lord.” 2 Samuel 11:27  I encourage you to read this short story 😉

You see, David’s sin didn’t begin when he watched this beautiful married woman bathing, it began from his heart. He wasn’t where he was supposed to be in the first place, which was at war, but instead remained in Jerusalem. This reminds me of Adam and Eve when God asks them “where are you?” meaning, “where’s your heart?”

My own heart wanted to please men for so many years. I wanted to be loved and love someone, yet I didn’t know how to do it in a God honoring way because I didn’t know Him yet. I watched movies that had sexual content that taught me about love and sex. I read magazines that talked about all the “how to’s” in seducing and achieving the best sexual experiences. I followed YouTuber’s and Instagram people that I admired for their bodies and there “how to look your best” advice. But did I really learn anything valuable? Or did all of this simply make me feel even more alone and lost in this world because I felt like I could never measure up?

Although I didn’t cave into sex with every guy before my ex-husband, it did lead me to making poor decisions out of fear of losing the person I was dating at the time. Shame still gets to me from time to time, but God’s is merciful and gracious. He’s taught me to refocus my heart to His many times as He continues to do so today.

So, how do I handle my hormones?

Honestly, being a Christian doesn’t make it easier because the feelings are still there. The difference is that my heart desires to please God more than man now.

The real question now is, “am I pleasing God right now?” 

Am I pleasing Him by how I’m dressed? In the movies I choose to watch? In what I follow and admire on social media? All of these things reveal our true desires and what we fill our minds with lead us to our actions.  I’m in no way saying that we can’t look good or not watch a good movie and avoid social media, but that we need to check-in with our hearts and allow God into our everyday lives as He helps us and leads us not into temptation.

“He has said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” Most gladly therefore I will rather glory in my weakness, that the power of Christ may rest on me.” ~2 Corinthians 12:9

Trust God, and Do Good 🙂


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