Hello my beautiful friends!

This year is coming into an end and it usually doesn’t hit me until the holidays begin. Everyone seems to be in a rush wherever we go. The grocery stores are chaotic even on a Monday morning when it never really seemed that way to me for the last eight months. Not to mention work, everyone wants their haircuts, beards shaved, and eyebrows waxes early in the week when it normally doesn’t happen this way. Ugh! The rush and the change sometimes drives me insane!

This world has and continues to want things done in a rush. We have grown to love the instant gratification in almost everything and in some cases it even works for us right at our fingertips. No wonder we fail so much and never reach long lasting fulfillment.

Recently I’ve been failing at nourishing my body the way that I should. Now, this isn’t something I have just began to notice, I’ve always struggled with keeping a stable weight. I’ve gone from being nearly two-hundred pounds being the highest, to one-hundred and forty pounds being the lowest. Somehow I’ve managed to have a “deadline” to where I notice I need to get back on a “sticker diet” which is once I reach one hundred-fiftynine pound where I am currently. How I came up with this, I don’t know! But what a great way to start the holiday season right?!? Ha Ha Not really…

Ending my night asking for forgiveness at the fact that i’m not respecting God’s temple (my body), gets pretty tiring. But why do I continue to do this to myself?

As I begin a new study in my bible, I come across Matthew 4, “The temptation of Jesus.” Right before Jesus was tempted, He had been baptized by John. As soon as He went up from the water, a voice from heaven said “This is my Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.” ~Matthew 3:13-17 It’s almost as if Jesus needed to hear this affirmation from God to endure temptation that was to come. He knew God loved Him and He desired to please Him. As Jesus was being tempted in the wilderness He quotes scripture right back to the tempter. This doesn’t mean Jesus might not have felt weak, tired, or hungry, I mean, how could He not have been after forty days of fasting! But Jesus knew God and His strength came from Him.

As I read this truth I look back and examine my own life. When am most vulnerable to temptation?

I tend to fall easiest into temptation when I am tired and under stress, just like this past weekend as I developed a cold/flu. I noticed I wasn’t really hungry yet all the unnecessary carbs caught my eyes attention. Those extra pounds managed to add up after scarfing down my throat a bread bowl soup, one scone, and about five donuts (unless I miscounted and were more ha ha), all in three days of feeling sick, tired and emotionally drained after realizing what I’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, i’m most of the time pretty good at keeping a healthy well balanced diet, it’s when i’m not feeling completely well emotionally that gets me. But Jesus, after being tempted, teaches us how not to live by “feelings” alone. We must be rooted and grounded in Gods’ word to endure any temptation and trial that comes our way.

I continue to read on the book of Matthew and I come across a verse that stood out to me.

“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light…” ~Matthew 6:22

“God is the lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.” ~Psalm 119:105. As long as we continue to look to God for strength and guidance daily He will continue to instruct us and strengthen our weakness.

Impatience and wanting to get instant gratification in every area of our lives will only lead us to failure again and again as we continue to want things on our timing and our way instead of Gods’ way. But when we look back and see how far God has brought us, we learn to give thanks to our father for being so patient with us and helping us grow in each area of our lives…

Trust God, and Do Good…



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