Airplane mode to solitude and surrender

Hello! I’m excited to share my little getaway experience with you! As I’m writing this I am sitting in front of a lake back in Schaumburg Illinois. (Just a little detour before making it back home.)

I had met up with my spiritual Mama last Thursday and I had mentioned to her how I had been desiring solitude and just get away from all the noise. She immediately asked me when I would want to do this so I said “well, this Sunday-Tuesday!” She instantly booked my stay at a hotel in Wisconsin Dells, and I didn’t think it twice. I was desperate for solitude and desired to hear God’s voice.

My 3 hour drive was full of enthusiasm as I listened and sang along to my favorite spanish worships songs. I admired the road and the mountains full of colorful trees, (which by the way, fall season is my favorite!) I spoke to God as well and asked Him to guide my whole stay there and to search my heart and let me feel His presence as I was there. And He sure did!

As soon as I checked in on Sunday evening and noticed how awesome this place was the more thrilled I got. It was a two bedroom condo with 2 full bathrooms, a kitchen, and a living room with a fireplace. What!?!?! Yup, it was pretty awesome. I then drove off to pick up groceries at a local market. (Because I’m a smart shopper and make healthy food choices. At least, I try to most of the time šŸ˜‰.) As soon as I returned to the hotel my phone went airplane mode, I prayed, and I surrendered… Ah, finally!

Every hour counts and I made sure I was focused. It all went from studying, reading, writing/journaling, music and a little bit of dancing, a relaxing soak in the bath tub with a bath bomb, gym, praying and A LOT of reflecting…

Remember I mentioned that God surely spoke? Well, the consistent message I was receiving was “Jesus died on the cross for me” and of course I knew that, but what I didn’t notice before was that He was/is still on the cross in my mind. But He is not there anymore. So why am I still picturing Him there? Well you see, I realize that growing up in a catholic family, I always felt like I had to earn Gods love and follow His rules because I had to. But these past days away from everything helped me realize and understand in my heart that the ultimate living sacrifice was done already and the veil was torn. I don’t have to earn God’s love. I have to do things for Him because I LOVE HIM. It’s not “how far is too far?” Or “what’s right or wrong?” It’s “how can I glorify You, Lord in all that I do. Because I love YOU.” I simply just have to be me, and adore Him for who He is.

I admit I was extremely comfortable in my solitude with God and I loved getting to know His heart and who He is in a deeper way as I was there. No one bothered me nor did I hear notifications coming in through my phone. It was amazing! But towards the end of my stay God revealed to me that,

He has a plan for my life. I didn’t go through all of my past pain and failures to run away and be in solitude for ever.

He helped me get through all of my past pain and failures to glorify Him and use all of my gifts and talents to connect with people and help them also see how great He is and that only through Him we will be fulfilled and complete. He chose you to be YOU…

Of course it’s much easier to love and be happy while we’re away, but God created us to do His will while we’re here on earth. Loving people as ourselves and of course, even loving those that are hard for us to love. I understood that I was created for His purpose, not mine nor my selfish desires and ambitions. This is why it’s important to surrender, confess, and ask for His help daily. We all are guilty, just like Peter was as he denied Jesus when he said he wouldn’t. Maybe we deny Him more than we realize as we think about our plans first before asking Him what He wants us to do each day. Not, “here’s my plan God, please bless it.” I’m guilty! Ugh… But God is good and He’s very patient with us. We’ll never reach perfection because that’s impossible for us.

What we should be used to doing is saying, “here I am, Lord.” And may He continue to change us from within so that His will be done.

Oh! Also, right before I hit the road to head back to Illinois, I stopped at a Denny’s and treated myself with a delicious breakfast.

While I was finishing up, I noticed on my receipt that my servers name was Titus! Ain’t that something. Hmmm, I never ran into a person with that name. I skimmed through the book of Titus before I got up to pay, and even there, God continued to speak to me. No such thing as coincidence.

A little bathroom selfie before I hit the road haha

Trust God, and DO Good…


2 responses to “Airplane mode to solitude and surrender”

  1. Tammy Oberg De La Garza Avatar
    Tammy Oberg De La Garza

    Yoliz, you are fearless in listening to God’s voice without allowing distractions to interfere! T~


    1. Thank you Mama! You inspire me šŸ˜˜ā¤ļø


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