Greatest Love Story


I’ve been sharing my story for a while now, but lately i’ve been repeating it in many places and with so many different people in my life that I never thought I would do. The opportunity simply just seems right each time. And you know what? I feel compelled to share it with you today.

Growing up I loved watching the “Cinderella” Disney movie. I’d watch it over and over again hmmm i’d say,  about every day 🙂 . I’ve always been drawn to romance movies and I catch myself always admiring good romantic relationships. I hardly watch TV, but when I do it’s usually TLC’s “Say Yes To The Dress,” as well as  “Four weddings,” and I deeply admire HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” couple. Anyway, you get the picture. I have a huge desire to one day have my very own “Cinderella story.”

At 26 years old, i’ve already gone through many breakups, a divorce, and an engagement.   Just when I thought i’ve found “the one” I always felt an emptiness inside of me. I loved each person on it’s time, but it never felt complete. I guess I simply didn’t know what I wanted nor did I have a clue about life. None of my relationships worked out no matter how hard I tried. But even though they didn’t workout, I now am beyond grateful for what i’ve learned from each one of them.

Through all the seeking and wondering, the pain and failures, I finally found my forever one true love.

I was at the gym this morning listening to Christian songs feeling so loved by God and loving who He’s made me to be. And then right as i’m about to finish my last five minutes of cardio, one of my favorite (non Christian) songs comes up, “Greatest love story” by LANCO. And it hit me! I was now enjoying this song thinking of my one true love, God…

Yes, I still day dream of one day becoming someones wife. And I should! Because it’s a desire God has placed in my heart for which I know He’ll fulfill it one day on His timing.

Even though I wondered around in life not knowing what I was really missing, now looking back into my life I realize how patient God has been with me. He was allowing me to make my choices and learn from my mistakes to then for me to realize how much I needed Him and His forever love. The emptiness in my heart was meant to be filled with His love.

How could I possibly love someone else when I didn’t know how to love myself first?!?! 

Now, I feel so overwhelmed with love and joy because of how much I see Him at work in my life and how He’s been writing my story all along. Honestly, even in this season of singleness, I can now say that everything was worth it. The pain, tears, confusion and all was to serve a purpose in my life for His glory.

God is my forever, and He is what I needed…

Trust God, and Do Good… 


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    This blog post is from a dear friend of mine.. “Through all the seeking and wondering, the pain and failures, I finally found my forever one true love.” ~Yoliz Botello~


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