Fueled to Resist

What are temptations? Temptation can be anything from being curious to eating that extra cookie to looking at someone in a lustful way. Sometimes, were even tempted to hit the snooze button for the tenth time even though you know how upset you feel later on while you’re stuck in traffic before work. So why do we cater to our flesh when we know the difference from right and wrong? No matter what you’re struggle is, there is always a way to begin building better and healthier habits to resist temptation.

One of my biggest mistakes has been to fall into the temptation of living according to what my flesh desired. I wanted to have things done on my time and my way, but when things didn’t work out,  I would get frustrated and go to plan B. I wanted to take control of everything on my own. That’s not the worst part of it all though, because of this life style, I also thought I could take control of someone else’s life, especially in a romantic relationship. I’ve not only learned that I didn’t have boundaries, but also that I can’t do everything on my own. These bad habits of mine began years ago due to pain and fear of loss and depression. I am not by any means excusing my behavior, but instead, I want to share my way of escape from the things that have held me hostage in the past.

Now, we all live and learn, right? Or, sometimes it takes multiple failures to accept that what we have been doing isn’t going to work for us. Whatever time it takes to make a change is well worth it! So whatever you do, you can do it with fear! I know I did, and will continue to practice.

Be still and know that I am God. ~46:10 For me, this verse has been one of the most important verse of my spiritual journey. It’s also one that God has shown His sense of humor to me because when I didn’t obey it the first time, He made it clear to me that He was asking me to be still after it showed up in the most strangest places day after day. (I’m not even kidding!) I finally chose to obey His command and I noticed how intimate my relationship with God became. Studying His word daily with intention became like food for my soul.

Fueling my soul with His word and being intentional with everything has made a huge impact on how I choose to live on a day by day basis. Not only have I began to practice being still and letting Him guide me, but i’ve also felt relieved to not carry so much stress on my shoulders that in reality it NEVER takes us anywhere but to a battlefield of the mind toward anxiety and confusion.

Committing to living by God’s law is not easy by any means; especially when you start at a later age growing up with different beliefs and habits. It takes a lot of time, patience, and most importantly faith! One thing for sure though, we can’t do this alone. Focus on God, surround yourself with people who fear the Lord and apply His commandments to their lives, and trust God and do good…


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