What happens after becoming a Christian?

First off, i’d like to state that I was raised in a Catholic family and always believed in God. But, it was not until June of 2017 that I chose to become baptized as a Christian.

I’d like to share my experience after becoming a Christian because I feel many people could relate to what I have been going through since then. The day of my baptism was an unforgettable experience for me. I have never spoken in front of such large amount of people before and to have shared my testimony felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my back. The more I shared my story the more reactions I got from the crowd, and once I finished and was dunked in the water I heard the crowd clap so loud that It felt so surreal. Never in my life would I have thought of experiencing such a thing.

My past hasn’t been easy like most people could also relate. Soon after my baptism, I noticed bad habits I had been dealing from the past were creeping in again except even more intense.  I couldn’t understand why and even at this very moment I feel so confused and depressed, it’s almost as if theres some sort of spiritual warfare going on.  The only difference is, my faith in God is much stronger than before and I find myself praying about everything and anything. But what I don’t understand is how I can have a full 24hr peaceful day and then the next 3 days feeling hopeless. I tell myself that those peaceful days that I do have is just a little taste from God showing me that that’s the life i’ll have as long as I obey His rules…

Trust God, and do good.

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer has been a tremendous blessing in my life. I’ve been listening to her ministries every single morning for quite some time now and to hear her preach about her own experiences of how she was also mistreated, abused, and lived unhappy years hoping someone other than God to make her happy gives me so much hope by just watching how positive and happy she lives by simply putting all of her faith and trust in the Lord.

Becoming a Christian is not a title nor a word to use as an excuse to cover our backs from sin. Being a Christian, to me, is willing to give yourself to God and to obey Him no matter how much pain you have to go through  to change your lifestyle. Yes, people love to follow society and do what is easy and it can be tempting to fall back into those habits but, when you look at the finish line (which is not too far away) I believe it’s worth the sacrifice to do good, and trust God.

This is only the beginning of my journey to a better life. I gladly invite anyone to flow con Yoliz and walk this new path to please God till eternity. No matter how hard it can get, as long as we have our God armor on at all times God will have our back!



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