Secret To Success…

What if I told you my secret to success? Would you do it? Or would you judge me first and think that I’ve lied to you about it?

I believe that the moment we are all born, we all have the ability to succeed in anything and everything we set our mind to do. But, how come so many people live a “comfortable” lifestyle that seems to just be a deadly routine that is plain neutral all the time? Thats not life! To live is to feel every emotion. To get excited about a new project that you have in mind. To stress over a difficult subject in school. And, to feel the pain of a heartbreak.

So whats my secret?

The secret is to believe in yourself, but most importantly, to trust in God that He will never let you down. Believe that any great idea you have in mind is created by Him. Just think for a moment and look back at your life and notice the things that you have always been drawn to. What was your comfort zone when you felt stressed? Where would you run to when you felt bored or alone? What gave you joy?

After you think about all those things, understand that every battle that you have conquered served a purpose. Where you are now is because of the choices you have made after every tough situation you encountered. Every person you have met along the way has somehow served a purpose in your life. Either you impacted their life in some way or they impacted yours.

The beauty of life is when you choose to Trust in the Lord and make him your foundation! Life is tough! It will break you and make you all at once. But, recognize that only God knows what you need and what you don’t need. So instead of dreading a situation and trying to seek answers to the unknown, pray about everything and anything! It is truly amazing how powerful a prayer can be. It’ll give you peace that no human can ever make you feel. The more you thank the Lord for what he takes from you and what he gives you, the less anxious or depressed you will feel just by knowing that He is always by your side.

I personally, have suffered through depression and anxiety for many years. I’ve been a coward, but I’ve also gotten back up on my feet through faith. I can honestly say that I feel extremely blessed after all I have gone through. At this point of my life, it all makes perfect sense to why God had me go through so much. I’m 25 years old and have been self employed as a successful barber  for two years doing what I love and what I’ve always been drawn to as a kid. I’m also in a romantic relationship that I’ve always dreamed of. But, understand that to get to where you want to be takes time, effort, and a lot of patience. But, it can only be done by having faith in the Lord.

You are the employee, and the Lord is your boss…


The real secret to success in all areas of your life, is to simply let go of what you think your life should be and pay close attention to what the Boss has brought you in this world to accomplish. If you already live by this, then you already understand where I am coming from. The more we obey the Lord, the more blessings come your way. And to be honest, sometimes we don’t deserve second chances, but when God gives it to you, never take that for granted.

You want a successful relationship? Pray for it! You don’t know what your mission in life is? Pray that God gives you the eyes to see what He sees in you! Worried or stressed about a tough decision you need to make? Pray over night that He will guide you towards the right choice!

Disclaimer: My intention is not to change anyones mind about religious beliefs. I’m only willing to share my experiences to those who seek new ways of positive living. Be YOU and live life till graduation to eternity! -flowconyoliz




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