God wink…

We all go through  different phases in life. At times, we feel excited about something new happening to us in our lives, and other days, we get anxious about not knowing where life is taking us. Personally, I used to think, how awesome would it be to just be happy at all times and to have everything go my way how i’d plan.

If you’re anything like me, you know how frustrating it could be to not get your way and to become extremely upset about it in that moment. You question every little detail of how could something not have turned out how you had imagined it to be. But, the only thing that you create within yourself is anxiety  over the unknown. And most times, the worst place you could be in, is in your own head. I plead GUILTY on going to that place in many occasions! It’s quite hard to avoid staying in a negative mind set, but it’s not impossible!

I confess, I have always been religious, but for the past few months since October 2016, my faith has become stronger more and more each day. How does that happen? Well, life happens! And you join the perfect Church family that’s just right for you.

At one point of my life, I was dealing with a relationship issue. I felt stuck in the past and brought old relationship problems into my new one, which caused a lot of stress and confusion to my life. When it got to a point where I felt hopeless, I found myself seeking more of God. 

Back in November 19, 2016 on my way to work, I felt so emotionally exhausted that I remember turning down the radio volume in my car and just literally speaking out loud to God asking for his help. I asked Him to guide me and to give me clarity about what I should do. I wanted my relationship to work out but I felt like no matter what I did, I couldn’t make things work. Little did I know, that in that moment, I was already starting to do what I was supposed to do from the beginning. As I got off of the Highway after praying, I looked up ahead and saw the license plate of a random car that said “TNKSGOD”. Talk about crazy God wink! I didn’t think too much of it in that moment, but as time past by I knew exactly why that happened. “Ask, and you shall receive” right? Anyway, I’m so happy that I took that license plate picture in that moment as a reminder, and proof, that God is real, and He is always listening…

Now, my relationship with God is my number one focus, as well as it is for my loving boyfriend. With God, anything is possible. Yes, it’s very hard to keep God number one at all times, especially when you feel so involve again, but when you put your salvation first, it’s also hard to fall into temptation. We don’t always get second chances in life. Take advantage of the blessing that God gives you, especially when you feel like you don’t deserve them. When you fall, He will pick you back up again. Trust His timing and plans for you because it’s true, only He knows what we need. And what we truly need, is more of Him. Pay close attention to those God winks…




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