My weight loss story…

Being a female is already hard enough. We worry too much, stress over meaningless things, have menstrual cycles, and on top of that, we have to care about our physical appearance. Society, nowadays, has created an image of how a female body should look like, right? We run across billboards that advertise some sort of beverage with an image of a “naturally” beautiful long legged slender female, or a magazine cover of a some what curvy girl with a supper tiny waist. But, are those those the only two types of body images we should have? Ladies, be unique! We are all meant to be different for obvious reasons…

A good personality is key to being beautiful inside out.


Back in 2014, I hit my highest weight which was 198 pounds. I was at the age of 22 and had been married for about 3 years already. I had gotten married at the age of 18, about two months after graduating high school. I wasn’t fit by any means throughout high school, but I for sure was not 198 pounds. Making such a drastic decision at a very young age as to getting married, I believe, is what provoked my weight gain. I really had no idea what I had gotten myself into. Most of the time I felt stressed, overwhelmed, and depressed which are all side effects of weight gain, or sometimes even weight loss, which I’ve experienced both depending on my stress levels.

This is extremely embarrassing for me, but these two things that I’m going to share with you were the two main reasons of why I decided to get myself into the gym and on a healthy diet. But, honestly, all I can say to those people right now, including my ex husband, is thanks! If it wasn’t for their comments, I wouldn’t have gotten into a healthy life style that I truly enjoy.

The first embarrassing thing that ever happened to me, was one day at work, I had a lady tell me “congratulations” as I was sitting by the front desk. Could you imagine being told that, and you’re not even pregnant?!! I honestly didn’t even know what to say, all I could do is simply play along with it. Thankfully, she didn’t say anything else after that, but it could have been the fact that I didn’t respond quick enough from the beginning. I never saw her again after that…

Then, not long after that incident, I had not just one but a few people ask me when i’d start planning to have children. You’d think, maybe it’s all in your head, but to be honest, it was starting to become a pattern with almost everyone asking me around the same period of time. until one day, finally one guy, which was a client of mine, had the guts to ask me if I was pregnant! I had it after that. I knew I had to get myself together. Not only was I over weight, many people thought I was way older than what I was.

The final straw though, was when I decided to try to surprise my ex-husband with lingerie. I never did anything to surprise him, but when it got to the point where we were living like roommates, I figured i’d try something new. Little did I know I’d be compared to a gorilla by my own husband. For that reason and many more, is why we are now divorced…

My wight loss journey was actually not as hard as I’d thought it would be. I had a personal trainer that I met up with three times per week for one hour sessions. My trainer taught me an abundance of weight lifting methods, which I still practice now. We also used an app called “My Fitness Pal” where I would track my food portions according to how much weight I wanted to lose in a certain amount of time. I’d track macro nutrients by using the app, and let me tell you, that was probably the most stressful part to begin with, but it was at least 80% of my weight loss. I would weigh out all of my food on a scale and separate all of my peals for seven days of the week. Eating healthy and lifting weights not only gave me results on the scale but also on my skin and confidence. I felt a lot better about myself and I had more courage to step out of my comfort zone.

I’m not going to lie and say that my weight hasn’t gone up anymore. The most I have weighed was 198 pounds in 2014 and right after working with my trainer, I had gone down to 145 pounds in less than six months. Since then, the highest I’ve gone up to has been 152, and the least 140 pounds. For me personally, I’ve noticed that when my weight goes up has to do with dealing with stress over being anxious about something new or different in my life,  and when my weight goes down rapidly, normally is when I’m feeling overwhelmed or depressed. lets be honest, we can’t control what happens to us in life. If I’m telling you this is because I believe it is totally normal for these things to happen. We can’t stay completely in control of everything, but we can find a healthy balance. Be happy in your own skin and embrace your natural beauty that flows from the inside out! What worked for me may not work for everyone because we are all different, but don’t quit and try something new!  Love yourself, always!




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