The Best Decision I Ever made…

You know that horrible feeling of sometimes wondering why such things happen to you? You feel hopeless and confused about situations that last weeks and sometimes for months, but you can’t figure out any answers to never ending questions…

What did choose to do? How did manage to get up every morning and push myself to even have the mentality to help someone else’s struggles, when even I felt confusion as to why things happened to me?

Well, the best decision I ever made, is to simply give in and trust the only one that knows what’s best for me. Since the moment I let everything go and trusted God with his plans for me, almost everything seemed easier and less painful. I began to say thanks for the good and bad, the ups and downs, and for what He gave and took away from Me. By doing those simple things, it’s amazing how peaceful you can feel. Questions simply begin to fade away. You learn to live day by day without worry. YES, it’s not easy, but it’s also not impossible.  Just remember that no situation is permanent. Have faith and things will fall into place where they will make more sense.

Maybe not a lot of people know how much power of a  prayer may have. But, for me, after making it a habit,  I’ve come to the conclusion that it is truly mind-blowing how a prayer can  give you so much peace! A prayer might not be answered right away, but be patient and it’s OK if you don’t know how to pray, just speak to him in your mind or out loud when you’re alone.  God always knows whats best for YOU. Trust Him and I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Life is good, God is great! Don’t get discouraged or feel as if people will judge you because of your past. We ALL have a past that we might not be proud of, but it does not define you. In fact, think of it as God’s way of molding you into becoming a better YOU each day.

I, was married before and got divorced. Had suicidal thoughts, and an actual attempt. Used to cut my wrists with razors. Had sex before marriage. Eating disorders. And possibly more things.  These are all sins! But, I repent! Thats not who I choose to be anymore and it’s not what defines me.

I, choose to be daughter of God and to please only him because I’ve already done so much harm. I’ve realized my heart needs to heal and that I will continue to live my purpose in this life by pleasing the Lord, and helping others that may be struggling the way that I did. I’m truly blessed to what I’ve overcome. All I could say now, is that I’m actually excited to see what else there is to come my way. I’m not afraid any more because He is and will always be my main focus…

Disclaimer: This is not Me trying to change anyones morals.Nor am I trying to impress anyone, but only to impress upon you that anything is possible. This is Me sharing my journey with the willing to FLOW CON YOLIZ.  Thanks for reading!



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