Follow Your Spiritual Compass

Isn’t it crazy how you don’t realize how far you have come until someone points it out to you? You might not recognize it because it feels natural the things you do. You grow up doing certain rituals that you wouldn’t even think could make you as successful as you are now.

One day, you meet the love of your life who not only recognizes what you do, but also believes in what more there is from you to offer. That person removes the blindfold from your eyes in order for you to see everything in a brighter way. Now the things that used to be normal to you seem much greater. You’re amazed at how much further you can take your vision. Goals seem more approachable and realistic when you’re doing what you love…

Then, that person puts a mirror in front of your face and points out your flaws. You’re in shock about what you’ve found out about yourself. Maybe you let your past experiences haunt you. It affects you for a while, and right when you’re about to show them that you can be a better you, they drop you six feet underground more than once. But, that last drop, instead of letting you fall deeper into depression, it fuels you! They leave you without an explanation, but you choose to follow your spiritual compass once again and fire up your engine with that much more force!

Soon after, you laugh at the fact that now you’re crushing the weights at the gym by listening to christian rappers (ex. Grits, Andi Mineo, and Lecrae) crying out for the Lord and counting blessings, when before, your force would come from Eminem talking about little Haley saying daddy please don’t go. Don’t get me wrong, I admire all kinds of stories behind a rap song, but one feeds off positive energy while the other might make you feel angry at what happens in life.

In the end, all you could say is thank you to those who place that mirror in front of you. You stare at yourself finding a perfectly un-perfect person who is unbreakable, strong, and beautiful. A masterpiece that the Lord created and is continuously molding to be a better person.

I always said that I’m very stubborn and didn’t quit something until it was accomplished. Now, I know that it has been that spiritual compass that I have been following all along throughout my life. I just needed that one person to push me even closer to God. Because of him, I was introduced to a great Church where I always feel welcomed and at home. My faith in God is stronger than ever before. People, situations, and pain happen for a reason, never forget that, and follow your spiritual compass! 

Disclaimer: My life isn’t perfect by any means. My blogs are an open book about situations that have happened throughout my journey. They are not meant to impress you, but to impress upon you, that you too, can follow your spiritual compass and live your life by doing what you love! Go with the flow, and trust Gods purpose for YOU…




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