Hitting Rock Bottom

I hit rock bottom the last few days with something I had been struggling with. I kept trying to fix something that was never in my hands to be fixed. The only thing that was happening was creating anxiety within me because I just couldn’t progress in my situation.

I began to have thoughts in my head that only cowards could think of. But, I’m not a coward. I’m a survivor of all that comes at me and trust me, the demon took his best shot, yet I’m still standing. To be honest, i’m actually happy of what has happened to me. I feel truly blessed with what God gives me and what he takes away from me.

I’m actually flattered because of the fact that the devil noticed that I have such great value and he thought he could break me. It’s true, only the strong survive, and the greater the value the greater the victory as long as your eyes are fixed on the Lord.

The enemy will always come your way to test you especially when it sees your value. As long as your focus and strength comes from baby Jesus, nothing will ever break you. Let it go! what ever it is you are struggling with, let it go!

Everything that happens to us in life is always for a reason. I feel extremely happy and at peace because I know that i’ll only go up from here. As I’ve heard from great people, the whole point of hitting rock bottom, is to take the only direction it offers you which is to go back up but only stronger and wiser!

If you fix whats broken, you’re gonna mess up whats right.

T.D. Jakes 

Whats broken is working for you. Leave it alone, leave it to God. Trust his plan for you and move on!

Disclaimer: My plan is to continue to be organic with everyone who chooses to “Go with the flow, con Yoliz”. Follow my journey and stay positive and strong. I’m not perfect but I aim to only get wiser and stronger with what God has in store for me….





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