For many, beauty may be defined as just a physical attraction.

To be beautiful, to me, means to have the ability to survive through anything in life. To discover the strength within yourself to move on. And, to continue the journey knowing that there will always be obstacles no matter what.

The most beautiful people on earth are those who find the good in every situation. Everything we go through in life is for a reason and for a lesson.

Life is tough, but so are we!

If everything was made to be easy, wouldn’t everyone have what they wanted out of life? That just makes no sense! We are all meant to be warriors, not quitters! Let go and step out of that vicious cycle of giving up.

Practice makes improvement!!!

Everyone has insecurities. The most physically attractive person who seems to have it all may be the most depressed and empty inside. Those who tend to act tough may be the ones who suffer through the worst insecurities. 

My point is, no one is better at being yourself than you. Be the best you can be now and continue to grow. You are your toughest critic, but celebrate the things you have improved on already. Give yourself credit for even being able to get out of bed everyday and accomplishing any goal you have made.     

The past is in the past for a reason. Don’t let it define who you are now, nor should you let it affect your future. I know that a lot of things are easier said than done, but if we don’t practice improvement, we will always have the same result.

Be beautiful….

Disclaimer: I always have a motive for my blogs, and it’s my choice to let you have a glimpse of my thoughts and journey. “Go with the flow, con Yoliz” and be beautiful till graduation…


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