Dear public diary 

I feel hurt, heartbroken, and confused. 

It’s very hard to understand why things happen to us in life. We give it our all to people we love but, sometimes it’s never enough. Perhaps it was all in vain.  Maybe it wasn’t meant to be. But if you say you love me and that I deserve more, why put me on pause?  Why be so selfish? 

We only get one chance in life, so why not make the best of it?! 

Yes, life is challenging but that’s the beauty of it! Everything has a solution except death… 

Nowadays, it’s so easy for people to give up on anything because of what society has created. But why follow what everyone else is doing? Live Your own life for Yourself  because you only get one chance. 

Being rich doesn’t mean having a lot of money or stuff. Being rich is having the ability to have found your true life purpose and using it to guide those who are willing to walk the journey with you to find theirs. 

Balance is key to success. If you have passion for School, give it your all, passion for becoming successful financially, work hard for it, if you’re passionate about some one, then show them! Everything can be done all at once. You have a life time to achieve all of your goals. What’s the rush? Why put love on pause? Enjoy every part of it because eventually, we’re always going to want just a little bit more.  It’s never enough in the end. Learn to accept where you are and enjoy every moment of achieving your goals. 

Note to self:

  • I am more than enough
  • I love myself
  • I have a lot to offer 
  • Jesus is always by my side
  • Life is good, God is good  
  • I have a gift: the ability to impact anyone’s life in any way (sometimes, even if it means I get hurt) 

Disclaimer: This is only my way of expressing myself. Trying to be organic all the way. Follow my journey with “go with the flow, con Yoliz” and be willing to live the school of life, the one which only God decides when you graduate to a better life. 


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