Why bother with love?

Why do we bother with love if it never lasts? 

Truth is, you choose to love someone, you don’t choose to fall in love. Not one person in this world is perfect. We’re all perfect imperfections.  We tend to have an image in our minds that love is only about physical attraction and finding things in common, which it helps but it isn’t everything. 

Love is about growing old together and creating all types of experiences. Yes, there will be tough times but if you really love someone you chose to work things out. You choose to forgive them for whatever reason. You learn to do what makes your partner happy equally. 

Relationships shouldn’t feel like a job. It shouldn’t feel like there are too many rules. You do things freely because you care enough. You create no rules because you trust.  

Trust and communication are huge in relationships. When you communicate well with each other, it becomes very hard to not trust someone. You want to marry someone who is your best friend and won’t hide anything from you and it has to be mutual. 

Balance is key to any kind of success, including relationships. One person can’t just expect to receive more love or gifts and not need to give anything in return. It’s a mutual relationship. Both want to feel loved and cared for. Flowers die faster when they are not watered. So does a relationship. When you stop showing affection love begins to fade away. 

Society is making it so much easier for people to give up in everything. But why live like everyone else! Keep trying and work for what you want! It’s all a never ending cycle when you give up. So why not try? 

Trust God in every situation. He knows what he’s got in store for you. Believe in him and trust him! 


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