Success is a Learnable Skill

“It’s not how long you live, it’s how you live.”   Tony Robbins

Did you know that the wealthiest place in the world is the grave yard? When I found out about this I was shocked. Although, it makes perfect sense. So many people in life have incredible skills yet they let fear stop them from pursuing their dreams.

Fear  is everywhere and it exist in all of us. We are afraid of criticism, failure, death and so on. But, what we should truly be afraid of is living in regrets. Besides, who cares what people think! No one has to understand you, they can just learn to accept you.

No matter what you choose to believe in whether it is in God or law of attraction, we are all unique individuals with our own talent who were brought to life for a reason. Once you find your true passion and you put the work into whatever it is you want to achieve, you figure out the formula to live a happier life! You learn that making yourself happy is the best way of living!

Mirror successful people. Dig deeper and find out how your favorite artist, musician, motivational speaker, or even a millionaire made it to where they are now. Success normally happens behind scenes. People who chose to not give up on their goals. No matter how many times you feel alone and that no one believes in you, keep working hard on your dream! There will always be critics out there, even when you have already reached your goal. But, there will always be those who wonder how you got to where you got in the end. The best reward in life is when you become that person people look up to.

Life is too short. We sometimes forget that our body is just a borrowed peace of meat but our soul is what gives it life. If we were chosen to be in this world, why not make the best of it? This is your own story. Learn how to live in the school of life until you graduate into eternity!



One response to “Success is a Learnable Skill”

  1. Wow! 👏 That’s some moving material! You’re such a wise person.. The world would be a better place if ppl followed their hearts and chased their goals!

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